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Have I got news. First, my little mermaid short story, “Each Step Sublime” is going to be part of Jane Litte’s Agony / Ecstasy anthology to be published by Berkley in Fall 2011.  There are some fabulous authors included (see link for list). I’m giddy and grateful to be part of such a cool collection of stories.

Second, my Puss-in-Boots novella, now titled “Cat’s Tale: a Fairy Tale Retold” will be released by Carina Press in June of 2011. I’m working on edits right now. :)

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4 comments on Newsy News News News

  1. Nadia Lee says:

    Congrats, Bettie!!!!!!

  2. Oh, I’m so excited you have announced about “Cat’s Tale: a Fairy Tale Retold”! Congrats again! And now I must go tweet this!!!

  3. I saw that on Dear Author! HUGE HUGE CONGRATS, Bettie! :) So awesome!

    And yay for Carina, too! :) I really like what they’ve done so far. May ask for a 411 as I have a little something up my sleeve I think fits their needs. ;)

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU! *does happy dance*

  4. bettie says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Isabelle, ask away. :) My email is bettiesharpe at gmail dot com