Gettin’ My Read On…

The Grimspace Publicity Juggernaut Banner!

My ARC of Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace arrived in the mail today. If her vast Grimspace Publicity Juggernaut has somehow missed you, Grimspace is an exciting new sci-fi novel which Jane of Dear Author recently reviewed very favorably and of which Sharon Shinn said the following:

An irresistable blend of action and attitude. Sirantha Jax doesn’t just leap off the page–she storms out, kicking, cursing and mouthing off. No wonder her pilot falls in love with her; readers will, too.

This book is one of my top five awaited reads for 2008. I wanted to read this book so much that when Ann asked if she could hire me to do a bookmark for Grimspace, I said, “Love to, but you have to give me an ARC.”

And now my ARC is here, in all of its pristine, white paper covered glory. So, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go read.

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8 comments on Gettin’ My Read On…

  1. Tumperkin says:

    I won an ARC at Dear Author and am SOOOOO excited. The excerpts quoted in their review made my spine tingle. I can’t wait for it to arrive but am dependent on the US and British postal systems.

  2. Carrie Lofty says:

    I got one too. Wait, does that make everyone feel less special now? Oh now, wait, we’re a club. Yay for our special club!

    And it’s mostly the Mexican postal system you have to worry about, T. She lives in Mexico City :)

    You know a book is interesting when my husband looked over my shoulder, kinda curious-like, and asked, “Have you read it?” It was the voice that said, “Hmm, I’m interested, but I want to know if it’ll be worth the time spent away from the Internet.” Not many books do that for him these days.

  3. Ann Aguirre says:

    Ooooh, pimpage. Thanks! Now I’ll be on tenterhooks until I know what you thought.

    Minor correction: I do live in Mexico City (well, Naucalpan, actually), but Tumperkin’s ARC will not be affected by the Mexican postal service. Sherry’s mailing the ARC from Oklahoma. which means it won’t be signed, but it’ll arrive faster (theoretically). If you want it signed, I can mail a signed bookplate.

  4. Sarai says:

    Well I am not feeling the love no ARC here but I have been Anxiously awaiting this book. *fingers crossed* that amazon will actually send it on time just once!!!
    Tell me how good it is everyone I promise not to pout!

  5. bettie says:

    Yay for our special club!


    Look at it this way, Sarai, at least you’ll have time to prepare. Clear the schedule, tell loved ones that you require several hours of uninterrupted time to get your read on.

    People keep interrupting my reading. They expect me to do things like work (just because they pay me–hmph!) or talk to them (just because we’re married–double hmph). It’s very frustrating.

  6. Sarai says:

    I hear ya. It is already ordered and waiting the okay to ship from Amazon. I am dying to read it!

  7. Lorelie says:

    Mine came today! Does that mean I’m in the club too?

    On another note, I’m quite happy you’ve moved to WordPress Bettie. :) That means I can read you at work, where I do *most* of my blog surfing. (Blogger addresses are blocked by our IT. Dunno why.) Now if only Carrie would move . . .

  8. bettie says:

    Happy to oblige, Lorelie. Don’t know why I didn’t move to WordPress sooner. I set the whole thing up one evening after work–five minutes to set up, and then a few more minutes to transfer the files from blogger. Getting the template up to speed took about three hours, but that’s only because I was picky and unwilling to chuck my pretty pink foxglove. And most of that time was me futzing with the graphics, the colors, and the background for blockquote (it still ain’t right…)

    So, Carrie, join us…