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Agony/Ecstasy Anthology CoverAgony/Ecstasy Anthology

My short story “Each Step Sublime” is a retelling of “The Little Mermaid”. It will be part of Berkley Heat’s Agony/Ecstasy anthology, edited by Dear Author’s Jane Litte. Available in print and eBook now.

Each Step Sublime: Alternate Excerpt

The first thing I see when my head breaks the waves is not the sun or the sky, but the human’s face, pained and streaked with blood. There is a menacing beauty to his features—that dark hair against pale skin; those full lips between a prominent nose and square chin.

Reluctantly, I turn my gaze to the world above the ocean. Here is all that I have heard described, but never understood. The sky is blue and endless as an infinite sea. The sunlight warms my skin, even as the air currents chill it. And far off on the horizon, a brown-green lump rises above the sea’s majestic blue. It must be land.

I take the human to a quiet cove beneath a white palace with red pennants flying from its highest tower, and white stone stairs leading from the gardens straight into the sea. He climbs the stairs weakly, pausing to rest when he is but partway from the water. His hand stays tangled in my hair. Our eyes meet. “If you knew what I am,” he says, “you’d have let me drown.”

Cover for "Cat's Tale: A Fairy Tale Retold" Cat’s Tale

My novella Cat’s Tale: A Fairy Tale Retold is a retelling of “Puss-in-Boots”. Available now from Carina Press

Once upon a time there was a scheming, lying tart who cared for nothing but her own pleasures and her shoe collection.

Once the peerlessly beautiful Lady Catriona, consort to the king, Cat’s fortunes fall far when her aged husband dies. The king’s wizard turns her into a cat and tries to drown her in the mill pond. Fortunately Cat is a clever survivor and enlists the help of Julian, the miller’s youngest son, in her plan for revenge.

She originally sees Julian as a mere pawn for her plans to break her curse, but as they work together Cat comes to know and care for him. Even if the curse can be broken, can a good-hearted man love a woman who has been as vain and selfish as Cat?

34,000 words

blurb & excerpt

2 hands, 9 fingers, 1 title: The cover of "Ember"


Charm is a Curse. Love is a Fire. Her Story is no Fairytale.

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“Ember is Tanith Lee on acid. It’s the bestest, baddest take on the Cinderella story and turns every last familiar element on its head …[Ember] is, without a doubt, one of the best heroines (protagonists) I’ve ever read, anywhere…A+

Sherry Thomas Guest Reviewing for Dear Author

“Literary crack. One little taste and you are hooked.”
–Shiloh Walker

“This is an incredibly fresh and unique take on a story that’s been told dozens of times, with characters that sparkle and a story that draws you in like a riptide.”
–Heather of Errant Dreams Reviews

“Ember is a witty anti fairytale… fast paced and clever.”

“Ms. Sharpe flips this classic on its head and shakes it around until you’re left reading a truly original work.”
— Grace Draven


Cover of "Like a Thief in the Night"Strangers in the Night

My novella “Like a Thief in the Night” is now available in print as part of the Strangers in the Night anthology.

She’s a heartless assassin; he’s an immortal thief. In another life, they would have been lovers. In this one, he’s her target and she’s his prize.


Author Sherry Thomas reviewed Ember and Like a Thief in the Night at Dear Author.

National Bestselling Author, Ann Aguirre, posted a review on her blog.

Reviewer Heather of Errant Dreams Reviewsreviewed Ember and Like a Thief in the Night.


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